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Order a Drink and Enjoy: Learn These 25 Drink-Related Hebrew Words

There are many reasons to learn to speak Hebrew. It’s a rich and exhilarating language, filled with religious undertones and incredible historical depth. It is also notoriously challenging, and will take a long time to truly master. Students have often learned the 100 core words of Hebrew, and they learned basic commands and questions. But, can they order a drink?

Looking to expand the vocabulary on some effective drink-related words from the Hebrew alphabet? Thankfully, a lot of the below drinking words are actually quite similar to the English word. Below are ten useful words for drinks in Hebrew. Some of them may never be used and are a little obscure. Some are staples of drinking and should be learned. Regardless, it isn’t hard to order a basic drink with the below Hebrew vocabulary words.

MASHKEH- drink

The lesson begins with the word for drink. It has two syllables and is listed above. The pronunciation has a “kay” ending. It is acceptable in some circles to add the word “drink” after any of the below words for added clarity.

KAFE- coffee

The word is pronounced just as it appears. The English pronunciation is similar to café. “KAFE” is almost a universal word for coffee, regardless of the language; except in English where it tends to means a restaurant, diner, or a place to order and drink your coffee.

BIRAH – beer

The word has the pronunciation bee-rah. Thankfully, it is similar to its English counterpart.

YAIN- wine

The y in the above pronunciation is dragged just a bit, which gives it a long sound. It is quite similar to the word “wine” while dropping the “w” and replacing it with a a “Y”.

TE- tea

The word is just as straightforward as “tea”. It is actually pronounced, “tay” (rhymes with “bay”, “trey”)

MAYIM – water

Children have a tendency to yell “Mine” when something gets taken away from them. The word for water is pronounced somewhat like “MIME”, just add the little “Y” sound in the middle.

MITZ TAPOCHIM – apple juice

Looking for a drink with a little sugar? Apple juice is a staple. It has an extended pronunciation, as disclosed above. The word “MITZ” means juice, and an apple is a “TAPUACH”. Make apple plural and you get “TAPUCHIM”. The “CH” is the gutteral sound as in CHALLAH and CHANUKAH.

KAFE SHAKHOR – Black Coffee

The strict word for coffee is “KAFE”. But, what about a black coffee? To avoid getting a coffee with a whole lot of milk, use the above pronunciation.

Me soda- club soda, soda water, seltzer water

This one is simple. Hearken back to childhood and say “me soda” to get a soda water or any of the other names it has.

SHOKO- chocolate milk

Chocolate milk is a childhood favorite. Use the pronunciation shoh-koh to get chocolate milk.


Learn Hebrew is a whole lot of fun. There is a word for just about every American word. The language has that historical richness to make it particularly wonderful to learn. The above is only a brief tutorial. Interested students of Hebrew, in whatever stage of the learning process they are at, can visit some fantastic web sources. The English Hebrew Dictionary is available at http://www.english-hebrew-dictionary.com.  You can also learn the top 400 Hebrew vocabulary words at HebrewResources.com.